The perfect fit: upgrade your look with tailored suits at our Brisbane store

If you’re looking for tailored suits in Brisbane, Oscar Hunt is a must stop destination. Specialising in contemporary tailoring and with a distinct appreciation of the Australian lifestyle, our team of experts are on hand to help you create the perfect pieces, on your terms.

Whether you’re after something to top up the work wardrobe or shopping for a wedding suit in Brisbane, we have an extensive range of both fabric and style options on hand, all of which the team will guide you through during your initial appointment.

Here, we dive into the benefits and process behind an Oscar Hunt garment so you know exactly what’s in store.

Benefits of choosing tailored suits in Brisbane

First and foremost, it’s important to recognise the difference between off the rack suiting and made-to-measure.

Unlike the suits you might find on the high street or in a department store, a custom suit is completely unique to you. From the fit to the style to the fabric, these are all informed by your selection and - as the name suggests - are fully customisable.

What this means for you is that there’s no having to make do with suits that almost fit and styles that you like but don’t love. For example, say there’s a suit you see where you like the colour but you don’t like the pockets or the waist band. With made-to-measure, both of these can be easily updated based on your preference.

The tailoring process at our Brisbane showroom

As you may have already imagined, with made-to-measure tailoring, you won’t get your suit straight away. Instead, we go through a tailoring process to ensure that everything is perfect before you walk away with the finished garment and we’d humbly say that it’s well worth the wait.

The process begins with you coming into our showroom on Arthur Street in Teneriffe for an initial consultation appointment. This is where you’ll decide on the style and fabric of your suit and where your fitter will take a series of detailed measurements.

Roughly five weeks later, we’ll invite you back for a first fitting of the suit. From here, there will generally be another round of alterations done by our local tailoring team before a final fitting 1-2 weeks later.

Why investing in a tailored suit is worth it

Besides the obvious benefits that we’ve run through above, one of the less glamorous but incredibly important benefits of investing in a made-to-measure suit is that they tend to last much longer. Because everything is built to your measurements, the fabric is under less strain than it might be in an off-the-rack suit, meaning you’ll get more wear out of it.