The psychology of corporate suits:  Why do they convey authority and professionalism?

There’s something transformational about clothing that we know makes us look good. It’s that added spring in your step, the feeling of standing a little taller and the confidence that a polished appearance inevitably imbues. And of all the garments that have the potential to inject that additional something-something, none do it with more aplomb than a corporate suit

The suit’s ability to affect our psychology and influence our behaviour - particularly when it comes to creating an air of leadership - is most likely rooted in its sartorial past. Originating in the French court of the 17th century, this was a garment literally worn and popularised by Kings. So it's no surprise that some 400 plus years later it continues to wield a great deal of influence.

But it also raises questions for a contemporary audience. What are the specific design elements of a suit that contribute to their psychological impact and how does the modern day man use them to his advantage?

While far from royalty, we’ve crafted our very own Oscar Hunt guide to selecting - and wearing - a suit that’ll make you feel a million dollars.

The Fit

The suit today is one of the few remaining items of clothing in an average wardrobe that requires some form of tailoring and it’s for this very reason that ‘fit’ contributes so much to its appeal.

The opportunity to customise proportions based on individual measurements and personal taste ensures not only that the garment is optimised to flatter your body but that you also feel great in it. There’s no ‘making do’ with too long trousers or baggy sleeves - these are all elements that can be addressed with a good tailor.


While the colour palette of the corporate wardrobe is slowly but surely expanding, the popularity of ‘the holy trinity’ - charcoal, black and navy - remains fairly firmly entrenched for most. And for good reason. These muted tones suggest a level of seriousness that’s in direct opposition to the frivolity of more vibrant shades.

What’s more, they also work to elongate the figure, further contributing to the air of authority that a suit can help create.


The quality of cloth has long been a marker of wealth and finesse. While today - thankfully - there’s a more equitable level of access to quality fabrics, it does continue to be a sign of discernment, particularly for those in the know.

While perhaps most obvious to register by touch, finer fabrics also tend to have a more elegant drape on the body and will mould to the figure naturally over time. This again assists in not only creating a more flattering garment but also ensures that the wearer is comfortable.

Due for a wardrobe refresh?

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