The Signature of Style: Crafting Your Custom Shirt

While it might be subtle, a tailored shirt can make all the difference to your overall look. Seamlessly tying together other tailored components or even dressing up something more casual like denim, it demonstrates care and - most importantly - helps to create a flattering silhouette.


Here, we run through the key choices that need to be made when creating custom shirts, ensuring that you walk away with a piece that not only looks great but that feels great too.


One of the major benefits of MTM shirts is that you have free reign on the design and this includes colour. At Oscar Hunt, we’re proud to offer an extensive range of shirting fabrics that run the gamut from the corporate to the casual and are crafted by some of the finest fabric mills from around the world.


However, having a lot of choice can be as much of a burden as it is a privilege. In the event that you’re not sure where to start, we generally advise on the rule of three: 1 white shirt, 1 pale blue shirt, and 1 striped shirt.


This combination is classic, meaning that you can easily wear these made-to-measure shirts on rotation without it feeling like you’re always in the same outfit. However, it also offers up some opportunity for sartorial personality - particularly in the striped option.




When it comes to picking fabrics, it ultimately comes down to a mixture of where you’re planning to wear the shirt and personal preference. If you’re looking for something that’s versatile and can be worn both casually and in the office, our recommendation is to opt for a plain cotton poplin. This is a classic with very low gloss that pairs just as easily with a suit during the week as it does over shorts or chinos on a weekend.


For those slightly fancier occasions, you may want to explore something with a more luxurious finish like a cotton sateen. Particularly popular for corporate environments, this shirting fabric pairs well with suits that have a lustre - think mohair or cashmere blends. Beyond this, they’re also extra easy to iron - always an added perk.


The clue is in the name: personalised shirt design. For you, this means that the piece is crafted to your unique measurements to create a flattering and comfortable silhouette. As part of our shirt tailoring services, the team will also ask for your preference on fit (whether you prefer a slimmer or looser style). Our recommendation is to steer towards a middle ground to ensure that both you (and the fabric) have room to breathe. A too tight shirt is immediately obvious and there’s nothing worse than a great outfit being ruined by buttons that are pulling at the seams!

 Looking to compliment your tailored shirt with some perfectly fitted trousers? Look no further. We invite you to swing by your local showroom or give us a bell today.

Considering a fresh look for your own wardrobe?

Whether you’re looking to add a new piece to your existing collection (and we’ve absolutely designed with that sensibility in mind) or you’re looking for a more significant overhaul, our team look forward to welcoming you to your local showroom to discover the full range today.