The tailored suit: crafting elegance for the modern gentleman

Custom tailoring is a craft that’s been around for the better part of 300 years with its origins extending way back to the very early days of Savile Row. Since then, it’s a discipline that’s been adopted far and wide, with each country developing their own unique customs and traditions.

While for a long time Australia subscribed to a more traditional school of British style, in the past few decades there’s been a distinct shift with a decidedly local style emerging that takes into account our unique climate and lifestyle.

At Oscar Hunt, we like to see ourselves as being at the vanguard of that shift, specialising in custom suits that balance quality and style with an appreciation of what Australians need and want from their clothing.

Here, we give our summary of why tailoring continues to be such an integral part of contemporary wardrobes and offer up our advice on how to best extend the life of your tailored pieces for years to come.

The importance of precise tailoring

Unlike a garment that you might find in a regular retail environment, tailored suits are crafted based on unique measurements and briefing notes with no two pieces ever quite the same. At Oscar Hunt, we take upwards of 30 different measurements to ensure that you’re fitted with a garment that is moulded to your distinct shape and size.

Of course, this highlights the importance of getting those measurements right to the very last millimetre and is why we have a team of tailoring experts manning the helm in our showrooms. While each fitter has a slightly different style, they all possess an extensive level of knowledge and experience which is ultimately funnelled into the finished piece.

The role of the tailor

The tailor’s job is to delve into the anatomy of a suit and perfect it based on the wearer’s unique shape. This requires a great deal of understanding in terms of both how fabrics behave and how people move.

Part science and part art, a tailor will be able to look at the foundations of the suit construction and make shifts and edits that ultimately alter the overall appearance of the garment.

Care and maintenance for a tailored suit

When it comes to looking after a tailored suit, care is generally broken into two key categories: storage and cleaning.

In terms of storage, the most important thing you can do is use the right coat hanger - ideally the one provided by Oscar Hunt. This will ensure that the shape of the shoulders remains intact and doesn’t collapse in on itself (which can happen if suit jackets are stored on thinner hangers).

Regarding cleaning, we advise clients to avoid dry cleaning as much as possible. This is because cleaners will often use harsh chemicals that can weaken the fabric, leading to premature wear out. If you are feeling that your suit requires a refresh, hanging it in the bathroom while you shower will help any wrinkles drop out and also airs the fabric.