Timeless and tailored: embracing the versatility of casual suits

Like a sartorial see-saw, just as we’ve seen dressing becoming less and less formal so too have we seen the rise of casual suits. Equally as at home at weddings and cocktail events as they are for the new post-pandemic work day, these are garments that personify versatility.

However, in the same way that casual dress codes represent a broader potential margin for error, so too does casual suiting possess less rigid guidelines for styling and pairing. Here, we give you the Oscar Hunt guide to overcome any question marks you might have.

Bridging the gap between casual and formal

While casual suiting can often stretch to cover cocktail dress codes, it’s not a replacement for a formal suit and it’s worth keeping this in mind when considering your overall suit collection. That said, if you are looking to dress up a more casual two piece, we always recommend adding a layer of polish through a pocket square and a more formal style of loafer or even a polished derby. This ensures that your suit maintains a sense of occasion and doesn’t veer too far from the intended dress code.

Mixing and matching casual suiting with other pieces

On the other end of the spectrum is dressing down a casual suit. And this brings us to one of the major benefits of this style of tailoring. Its more relaxed construct and generally lighter feel means it can be easily worn over a shirt and jeans for a low key weeknight dinner or informal work meeting. In a similar vein, a pair of tailored trousers from a casual suit can look particularly sharp when paired with a well cut white tee shirt and a smart pair of sneakers.

The importance of fit

Regardless of how you’re wearing your suit, tailoring is everything. Afterall, ‘casual’ does not translate to ‘sloppy’. To ensure you get it right, it’s crucial to find a tailor who both understands the conventions of casual tailoring and your personal sense of style. This will ensure that whether you favour a slim style or are after something looser and more dynamic, you’ll walk away with a garment that you feel good in.  

How to care for and maintain casual suits

The care and storage of casual suits is no different from more formal ones in your collection.

Starting with the foundations, ensure that you use a broad clothes hanger as this will help to maintain shape through the shoulders and also ensures that the fabric doesn’t pull unevenly.

Next is cleaning. At Oscar Hunt we live by the cardinal of resisting the urge to dry clean for as long as possible and this is because dry cleaners often use harsh chemicals that can compromise the quality of the fabric. A light steam will often achieve the same effect and this is a complimentary service we offer in our showrooms for all suits purchased from us.

If this has prompted you to explore the world of casual suiting, drop by your local showroom or give us a bell to make a fitting or simply to have a chat. The team would be delighted to hear from you.