Tips for choosing your ideal evening wedding suit

There is nothing more elegant than a night time wedding reception. Except, perhaps, for a well chosen wedding suit. However, while insouciance and effortless charm are the desired outcomes, there are quite a few factors that go into picking the right one for you and your big night.

In this newest iteration of the Oscar Hunt wedding suit guide, we give you an overview of the three most important things to consider when deciding, as well as some handy hints to ensure you stay schmick throughout the night.

Dress Code

The first and most important factor to take into account is your chosen dress code. Is it black-tie? Formal? Cocktail? These each call for a different style of wedding suit for grooms and are an easy way to start filtering your options.

Despite being the most formal, black-tie is - in many ways - the clearest cut option in that it’ll usually steer you towards a dinner suit in either black or dark navy, paired with a satin bow tie and dinner shoes. In contrast, formal and cocktail dress codes invite a lot more choice. To simplify the process though, our general rule of thumb is that formal is a lounge suit with a tie and cocktail is a suit sans tie or a blazer over trousers.


Once you’ve landed on the dress code, the next thing that we like to take into account is the venue itself.

This adds a layer of nuance to your wedding suit brief and will also help refine stylistic elements like colour and fabric.

For example, if you’re opting for a formal dress code but the venue is beachside, we might recommend leaning towards a paler colour of suit like light blue or beige as this will compliment your surroundings.Conversely, if you’re in the city, we might steer you towards a bolder colour to heighten contrast with the hustle and bustle around you.


Finally, it’s absolutely critical to think about the season. While it might sound trivial, knowing whether you’re getting married in the height of Summer or the depths of Winter plays an important role in selecting a fabric that’s going to keep you comfortable.

On the dance floor, you should feel sweat-free - not like you’re about to expire within your own personal suit sauna. To ensure that’s the case, we highly recommend liaising with our team of experts who will be able to steer you in the right direction.