Tips to take women's suiting to the next level

For too long, Australian women had to ‘make do’ when it came to suiting. Off the rack options dominated and unless you were willing to endure great expense, custom options were simply unattainable.

Not anymore

Cue Oscar Hunt’s Women’s range - a brand focused on bringing all of the elegance of timeless tailoring to the contemporary Australian woman. 

Customised to your body

Based on dozens of individual measurements, no woman’s tailored suit that leaves Oscar Hunt is ever quite the same. With your details captured during an initial 45 minute fitting appointment, we ensure that your garment is fitted to perfection. 

Beyond this, it’s also an opportunity to play with any physical features you would like to highlight. For example, if you are more petite in stature, we might look at crafting a slightly more cropped jacket to create the illusion of longer legs. 

The pinnacle of quality and craft 

In addition to a truly made-to-measure garment, we are proud to offer cloth from some of the finest fabric manufacturers across the globe. From the French house of Dormeuil to Vitale Barberis in Italy, there are virtually limitless options to choose from.

And all of this is crafted by true experts in their field. With a combined expertise of over a hundred years, our team of fitters specialise in women’s suiting and are on hand to provide guidance as much (or as little) as needed.

An unrivalled experience

We believe that buying a suit is as much about the finished product as it is the experience itself. 

For this very reason, we pride ourselves on offering a unique experience, with access to our complimentary bar as well as spacious fitting rooms that provide ample space for you to create in comfort. 

We also encourage you to invite friends and family along so they can consult in real time. This shifts clothes shopping to a real bonding experience. 

To discover the next level in women’s suiting for yourself, book a fitting today.