Top 3 Business Wardrobe Essentials for Women

At Oscar Hunt Women, we’re firm believers in quality over quantity. Particularly when it comes to your work wardrobe. After all, if they’re going to be the clothes that you spend the majority of your time in, you should be able to enjoy them. 

Here, we provide a recommendation on the top five choices for the consummate capsule wardrobe that will take you far further than just the board room. 

The single breasted suit

Not to be underestimated, women’s tailored suits are the mainstay of any wardrobe - particularly when they’re crafted to your exact specifications. 

With the power to elongate the body and create a striking silhouette, the humble jacket and trouser paired together are more than garments - they’re a statement of intent. 

The classic blazer

No wardrobe would be complete without a well-structured blazer. 

Combining timeless style with a degree of insouciance, it’s a piece that can be worn in countless combinations and still feel fresh. 

Whether you throw it on over a crisp shirt and jeans for a more casual look, dress it up with wide-legged trousers and a silk blouse or perch it on your shoulders over a dress, there’s no shortage of ways to suit this garment to your personal style.

The Overcoat

During the cooler months, nothing adds both warmth and an additional depth to your ensemble like an overcoat. Here at Oscar Hunt Women, our signature wide lapel, knee length style is purposefully timeless to ensure that you can enjoy your coat season after season.

As with a blazer, an overcoat is also versatile to the nth degree and can be worn just as easily with a casual ensemble as it can over something more corporate. 

To begin curating your own ultimate corporate capsule wardrobe, book a fitting today.