Tuxedo Suit Trends for Men in 2023: The Latest Styles for a Gala Dinner

After years where black tie occasions were either non-existent or extremely few and far between, we’re delighted to witness the influx of such occasions in 2023. From dinners to galas to the more formal end of weddings, tuxedo suits are well and truly back in circulation. But after such a long time in hiatus, you’d be forgiven for feeling somewhat out of the loop. While the classic tux is a wardrobe staple, it does go through subtle variations based on the trends of the day.

Here, we provide an overview of the latest tuxedo suit trends for men in 2023 to help you make a dashing first impression.

Midnight Blue Single Breasted Suit With Black Sating Trimmed Lapels - Oscar Hunt

For the traditionalists

For many there is simply no alternative to the classic dinner suit. Either in black or a deep, inky navy this is the same style (give or take) that has been worn since the contemporary tuxedo first rose to prominence in the latter part of the 19th century.

Indeed, it’s noteworthy how little its defining features have changed over the past 150 years. At Oscar Hunt, we still favour the traditional shawl neckline in satin - clearly delineating the garment from a lounge suit - along with signature finishing touches such as a satin strip on the side of the leg.

Any ‘trend based’ changes to this style are more to do with cut than they are to do with the foundations of the garments themselves. In 2023, this is manifested through a slightly looser fit of trouser and jacket that maximises wearer comfort and adds an insouciance to the look. Reflecting this silhouette, we’re also seeing a move towards more exaggerated proportions in lapels that flare slightly at the closure of the jacket.

Off-white Single Breasted Shawl Collar Suit - Oscar Hunt

For the experimentalists

For those looking to tread the path less followed, one of the more exciting developments for the tuxedo in 2023 has been the growing exploration of alternative colours and fabrics for the dinner jacket.

This is particularly helpful for those who are attending formal occasions in warmer climates where a heavy, black tuxedo wool doesn’t make for the most breathable option. As an alternative, we’re seeing many starting to re-explore the white dinner jacket. Paired with black trousers and accessories, this can make for a distinctly Summer-y ensemble without losing any of the formality that comes with a black tie dress code.

For the truly experimental though, there’s also the option of throwing monochrome out the window entirely. Increasingly - and most often amongst grooms to be - we’re seeing the exploration of jewel toned velvet, dove grey wool and richer, patterned brocades. Running the spectrum from slight experimentation to full blown dandyism, these options provide a significantly broader pool of options to choose from and ensure that you come away with a piece that is truly unique - albeit, also more subject to shifts in trends.

An upcoming black tie event in the calendar?

If you’re preparing for an upcoming gala or, indeed, anything that warrants a tuxedo, our team is on hand to help. With extensive experience across the full gamut of dinner suits, they can assist in tightening your brief in order to curate the perfect tuxedo for you.