Wedding dress codes

Is it just us or are wedding dress-codes becoming more and more impenetrable? 

From ‘boho inspired country chic’ to ‘white tie masquerade’, you’d be forgiven for needing a dictionary to decode what it is you actually need to wear. 

Thankfully, when it comes to wedding suits, there are three key brackets that will have you sorted in most scenarios. 

The Oscar Hunt team is proud to provide a run down of the essentials to make sure you remain on brief (and out of trouble). 


Running the full gamut from sports coat and chinos to a suit with an open neck shirt, a cocktail dress-code (or any variation on it), is one of the most flexible and can really be adapted depending on your wardrobe and personal taste.

To ensure you are suitably festive, think about injecting pops of colour for the occasion. For example, a pink striped shirt and a pocket square can be an easy way to elevate a blazer and make it feel a little more special. 


When it comes to formal, we always advise erring on the side of caution and opting for a little more dressy than not. 

A tie and a classic suit are non-negotiable foundations in this instance. Think charcoal or navy with a crisp shirt and a pair of polished Oxfords. 

If you are looking to inject some more personality, a wedding can be a great opportunity to break out the coloured or patterned bow-tie. As with other accessories, think about how you can compliment - rather than match - the colour of your shirt and suit for best effect.


For black-tie (and any variation on it, really), the clue is in the name. 

A classic tuxedo will be something you wear time and time again so it’s worth investing in one that’s good quality and made-to-measure. Afterall, there’s nothing worse than wearing that slightly too tight dinner jacket when you’re trying to let loose at the reception. 

For maximum impact - and strict adherence to tradition - we recommend a studded dinner shirt to match with either onyx or mother of pearl shirt studs. 

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