When to Start Suit Shopping for Your Wedding: A Timeline

We’re the first to recognise that every wedding is going to be different. Whether you’re highly organised and have the whole thing locked down two years out, or you’re planning for a low-key elopement in a few months’ time, our team has seen it all and can help create the perfect wedding suit no matter what you’ve got in store for the big day.

That said, there are some ball-park dates on the groom’s suit timeline that are useful to keep in mind so that we can ensure you get hitched without, well, any hitches.

6-9 months out:

We know what you’re thinking: I don’t even know what I’m doing next month let alone what I want to be wearing in 9 months time. Don’t be concerned. Simply think of this as the inspiration phase of suit selection for weddings.

It’s the time to start thinking about what kind of suit style you like. We often find clients will collate inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest which can be handy when it does come time to actually buy your wedding suit. If that’s not your style, even having a picture in your head of what you like and don’t like will assist in tightening the brief and ensure that we put forward options that are aligned to your sense of style.

5-6 months out:  

At the 6-month mark, we recommend reaching out to lock in your initial consultation - particularly if you are planning for not only yourself but also for your groomsmen. This ensures you have a good selection of dates and can also fully experience the signature Oscar Hunt wedding service.

4-5 months out:

It’s time for the first fitting and to actually buy your wedding suit. During your consultation, one of our expert fitters will sit down with you in a 45 minute appointment to either run through your brief (if you have one) or help you craft it.

This is where you’ll choose fabric, style and any finishing touches. You’ll also have you and your wedding party’s measurements taken. These are then used to craft the suits themselves based on your unique specifications.

Of course, it’d be remiss of us not to also reference the fun part. During your appointment, you and any guests will be invited to relax in one of our spacious fitting suites and to indulge in our complimentary bar service too. The ideal way to get festivities underway.

2-3 months out:

This is when you’ll be invited back to the showroom for a first try-on of the suits. We generally treat this as a second fitting, making note of the smaller alterations that are carried out by our in-house tailors. These changes usually take between 1-2 weeks at which point you’ll come in for a final once over. This is to ensure that every last detail is exactly how you want it.

1.5 months out:

You’ve got your finished suit with time to spare. The reason we recommend this amount of buffer is to ensure that there is time for an additional round of alterations if it is ever needed.

Still not sure about how early you should get your wedding suit? Our team is here to help! Give us a bell or swing by your local showroom to get their point of view.