Experience a made-to-measure suit and you'll never buy ready-to-wear again

  • Choose from over 3,500 luxurious fabrics from world's best fabric mills
  • We help you craft the perfect suit - balanced between function and elegance
  • Exceptional construction and leading made-to-measure technology

How does it work?

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Our fitters are experts in their craft.  During your first fitting our team will work with you to understand your unique requirements and create the perfect suit.  During this fitting you will be:

  • Guided through a range of over 3,500 fabrics from the UK and Italy
  • Carefully measured via a combination of tape measurements and fitting garments to correctly ascertain proportion, posture and balance
  • Shown different design options (lapels, pockets, buttons etc) and recommended the right style for your purposes


All the while relaxing in the comfort of leather armchairs with a drink in hand, the first fitting takes roughly one hour.

Allow six weeks, from first fitting, to walking out with your completed suit (at certain times of the year this timeframe may be less).


45 minutes to 1 hour

Our fitters are experts in their craft. During your first fitting our team will work with you to understand your unique requirements while you will be:

  • Guided through a range of over 3,500 fabrics from the UK and Italy. They are the world's most luxurious fabrics from famed houses such as Dormeuil, Huddersfield Cloth, Ariston and Solbiati.
  • Carefully measured via a combination of tape measurements and fitting garments to correctly ascertain proportion, posture and balance.
  • Shown different design options (lapels, pockets, buttons etc) and recommended the right style for your purposes.

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4 weeks

Once your first fitting is complete we begin construction of your individual garment.

This is done with:

  • Leading made-to-measure technology resulting in an incredibly precise fit.
  • Exceptional construction techniques and internals that include a floating half canvas (unless requested otherwise), silk linings, structured yet light shoulder pads.

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2 weeks

Once your garment is constructed, you will be invited back to the showroom to finalise the fit. This second fitting involves:

  • Trying on the garment with our fitter going over the suit top-to- bottom with you.
  • If we need to adjust your garments after the second fitting, we have our in-house master tailor make any adjustments necessary within a two-week period.

A third and final fitting is organised where you try on the garments after any alterations are made and if you’re happy with everything, you can walk out with the perfect suit over your shoulder.

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Any Oscar Hunt garment is made to be enjoyed, and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it for you.  A word of warning: made-to-measure can be a very addictive habit as once you’ve had something that is made specifically for you, it is hard to go back to off-the-rack clothing.  The tailor-client relationship is a special one and we love the process of getting to know our clients individually and growing with them to create something truly unique. 

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From our beloved clients

“I got my wedding suit from Oscar Hunt and I'm so glad I did. What a fantastic Melbourne business and it certainly lived up to all the fantastic reviews I read. Brilliant service from Guilietta at front of house, to Aaron and Lachie who did my fittings. My suit looked sensational on the day and I got so many positive comments about it. Plus their bar has a terrific whisky collection to sample! I would absolutely recommend Oscar Hunt” — Shea Steinkellner
“Such a great experience, the team were unreal to deal with and catered really well for groups, I looked forward to the fittings. The suit is top quality and the tailors know what they are doing.
All round great job, Thanks” — Jono Peatfield
“These guys were fantastic! I have got a couple of suits and shirts from them now for various occasions. They have a beautiful office, a amazing selection of fabrics and really switched on staff. The process is really well managed and ensures you'll get a great fitting piece at the end of it. Could not recommend them more highly.” — James Merrett
“Great customer experience, great product. Would recommend to friends and family. Got 2 standard tailored shirts which were fantastic quality - no rework required, ordered another 2 premium shirts. You get what you pay for! Very few businesses with 10+ google reviews manage to stay above 4.5, the Business is absolutely trustworthy” — Jack Li
“Accommodating. Interesting layout for a contemporary, "volume-tailor". Friendly, helpful staff. Have a drink in their bar whilst perusing fabrics & discussing potential bespoke purchase. ” — Andrew Palmer


  • What suit fabrics can I choose from?

    We have a large fabric selection that encompasses any cloth type you wish. The most prominent cloth selected across the market for business or everyday suits is wool. Clients looking for that distinctive suit can choose from an array of wools, cottons, linens, mohair, tweeds and more. The below listed fabrics are all made from natural fibres.


    Wool is versatile in being able to be woven super fine and light/tropical weight, or thick and heavy/warm weight. Different types of wool will create distinct drapes, durability and warmth. The weight of the wool is the best determinant of whether it best suits a winter or summer climate. Wool is a natural product therefore it breaths regardless of whether its heavy or light.


    Cotton is not only used for shirts, but can look great in your everyday suit. Although it might seem informal or casual because of garment creasing, it can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion. Blazers or sports jackets can typically be made from cotton to give a natural feel or provide an enhanced casual look. Cotton can also be woven openly to create the desired look similar to linen.


    Linen tends to be an open weave fabric with a weight and texture that creates a desired look. The open weave allows it to breath, as it is a naturally thicker fibre. Linen would be typically used in a summer suit made for warmer climates.


    Blends can create desired effects and particular looks. Blending different cloth types can enhance durability, sheen, texture, and softness. Each fabric choice and its percentage of blended fabric will create a different drape and overall feel to the cloth.

    Blends might be: Linen and silk, cotton and linen, silk and cotton, wool and cashmere, or wool and mohair.

  • What shirt fabrics can I choose from?

    Cotton is the main cloth choice for shirts. Oscar Hunt use 100% cotton for shirts as it’s a natural fibre that drapes and feels soft on the body, whilst being durable and easy to iron. ‘Non iron’ shirts are typically a cotton blend that are heavily chemically treated and have inferior feel, softness and durability. Below are some of the popular cotton weaves for shirts.    


    Twill weave is one of our favourites for shirts. It’s slightly thicker, easy to iron, and drapes nicely on the body. Twill is a tight weave that is recognisable because it shows diagonal lines as texture.


    Broadcloths are typically thinner, lighter fabric shirting. White broadcloth can look slightly transparent dependant on the thickness. Clients who regularly sweat avoid this choice as it can become somewhat see-through when wet.


    Oxford weave is thicker than broadcloth and provides a slightly rough texture. Oxford cloth is popular in casual shirts but we think can be worn anywhere at anytime. There are a few Oxford variations – Pinpoint Oxford, Royal Oxford and regular Oxford, each has its different qualities.


    Poplin tends to have a smooth texture with a slight sheen. It’s lighter weave makes poplin perfect for warmer weather. Advantage – drapes fantastically and irons well.

  • Why do you recommend two pairs of trousers with a suit?

    Two pairs of trousers will prolong the life of your suit. Trousers receive the highest wear in a suit because you sit/stand/dance which regularly generates friction. Once a fabric receives too much wear and tear it becomes somewhat shiny and discoloured where it cannot be repaired to its original state. Two pairs of trousers regularly rotating will provide a longer wardrobe life for the suit you dearly love.

  • What is Super / ā€˜Sā€™ number when referring to fabric and what does it mean?

    It is a measurement of how fine the wool is after being spun into yarn.

    The higher the S-number the finer the yarn. Finer yarn gives a superior feel and drape whilst also becoming lightweight. S-numbers have been mistaken for a quality rating which is simply untrue; it’s just a measurement of the finesse of the yarn. We say the average or recommended type is between s100-s160 for a suit, but it is dependant on the wearer’s preference in feel, purpose, and frequency of use.

  • How does the fitting process work?

    We say it’s a three stage fitting process.

    Your first appointment goes for 45mins – 1hour whereby you to sit with our Head Fitter and discuss all fabric options, design elements, pricing, and take all measurements necessary.

    Second fitting is after we construct your garments and invite you back to our studio roughly four weeks after the initial appointment. If we need to adjust your garments after the second fitting we have our in-house Master Tailor make any adjustments necessary within a two-week period.

    A third and final fitting is organised where you try on the garments after any alterations are made and if you’re happy with everything you can walk out with the suit over your shoulder.

    If you are working towards a specific date then we will determine whether we are able to work within the timeframe you have.

    All measurements will be kept on our system for reference if you require any future garments.

  • Where are your suits made?

    The core construction of the suit is completed in our construction HQ in Shanghai, China.  We utilise world-leading Gerber laser technology to cut our fabrics, resulting in an extremely precise fit.  We complement this with our specifically sourced interlinings, canvassing and shoulder construction from the best makers in Europe.

    We have visited and tested made-to-measure facilities in Portugal, England, Italy and Bulgaria and have found that the precision and consistency, along with the infrastructure, is unrivalled in China.  The cost to us to make the suit is similar in China to their European counterparts - the goal for us however is quality and value.  The only negative that we can find is the stigma attached to the "Made in China" label, as we believe that our Chinese facility is a world leader.

    Our suits are finished here, in our showroom, in front of your eyes, by our team of tailors.  It is a truly global process, where we aim to bring together the best fabrics and technology in the world, along with supreme tailoring and client service for the best possible value.

  • Do I need to make an appointment?

    Oscar Hunt operates by appointment when you see us for a fitting. Appointments allow us to devote our attention solely on you, and give us ample time to discuss fabrics, design, process and pricing. Otherwise if you’re walking past never hesitate to drop in, discuss your thoughts, try something on, or organise a future fitting.

  • What are the turnaround times?

    We say our lead-time is roughly 6-7 weeks on suits and overcoats, and approximately 6 weeks on shirts. Variance in timeframes can occur due to fabric choice and availability.

    If you are buying a wedding suit, then always plan further ahead as to avoid any stress leading up to game day.

  • Can I use my own sourced material?

    We are willing to work with you regarding a material you may have seen and sourced yourself. We have particular pricing for this type of work, please enquire further with us.

  • Do you do external alterations?

    Yes we do alterations in-house. We have an experienced Master Tailor who can alter your new or old favourites. Price depends on the type of alteration and the time needed to complete the work.

  • What are the payment options?

    We accept EFTPOS, all major credit cards and cash.

  • What about canvassing?

    Our jackets are constructed with a floating canvas through the shoulder and chest. A floating canvass is sewn into the lapel and armhole to be soft and form fitting to the body. Sourced from Germany, all layers of canvassing are constructed with natural fibres so the jacket can breathe and shape correctly.

  • How should I best care for my Oscar Hunt suit?

    Dryclean in extreme situations only – Only dryclean your suit when absolutely necessary.  Drycleaners often use harsh chemicals that can impact on the longevity of your suit.

    Hang your suit on a decent hanger – Using a nice hanger (wooden or otherwise) that properly supports the shoulders will mean that the suit will maintain the correct shape.

    Rest up and rotate – Where possible, try to rest and rotate your suits.  A second pair of trousers with your suit can help with this.

    For more information please have a read of our blog post on this particular topic:

  • What are the design options?

    Oscar Hunt offers an enormous amount of design options for your jacket, trouser, shirt, vest or overcoat.  These options include: lapels, pockets, buttons, vents, cuffs, pleats, collars, stitching, padding and many, many more.  Of course our fitters will be on-hand to recommend the different options given your particular needs and requirements.

  • I hear you have a bar?

    A suit fitting is just that much more enjoyable with a nice drink in hand.  In our bar we have a good range of whiskey, gin, rum, liqueurs, wine, champagne, beers, bitters and sparkling water.

  • What if my suit needs further adjustments?

    We are always happy to further adjust any Oscar Hunt suit should you require any minor tweaks.

  • What if I have no idea about the suit I want?

    Our fitters, trained by Oscar, have a genuine passion for suiting that is evident from the moment you sit down in the fitting room. They will expertly guide you through all of our design options, finishings and cuts to make sure that the end result is perfect.

    They are also there to give you advice on colour, fit, proportion, fabric appropriateness and everything in between.  No prior suit knowledge is required, it is our job to get to know you and find the perfect suit.

  • Where do your fabrics come from?

    Oscar Hunt uses 100% merino wool, with the majority of the wool coming from Australia and New Zealand.  We use two main cloth companies – Dugdale Cloth and Dormeuil.  Both mill their cloths in Huddersfield, UK.  Dugdale Cloth offers an incredible product at a very reasonable price-point.  Dormeuil is arguably the best clothmaker in the world – exquisite wool sourcing coupled with sophisticated finishing techniques and constant innovation.  We also source linens and cottons from Italy (Solbiati).

  • Do Oscar Hunt sell gift vouchers?

    We sure do!  Oscar Hunt vouchers make a great gift as they combine a remarkable experience with something that is incredibly practical.  Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day or when you’re out of ideas altogether (as we know a voucher for custom made is always a winner!).  Vouchers expire in 12 months but if you miss it by a few months, we’re not going to be too upset.