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Why made-to-measure?

A made-to-measure garment from Oscar Hunt is crafted exclusively for you, to meet your needs. It is a modern-day, affordable version of bespoke: giving you control of stylistic choices to create a truly unique garment. An off the rack suit is generic, and the alterations you can make are limited. A made-to-measure suit, however, has endless possibilities. During the fitting process, we take upwards of 30 measurements, noting proportion, posture and shoulder balance to create your unique pattern. This pattern is, in essence, a template of your body, which we send to our tailors, who cut your selected fabrics to construct your garment.

The difference between made-to-measure and bespoke

Though the greatest differences may be subtle, they are very different processes and if you’re hoping to dive into the world of custom suiting, it’s crucial that you understand the comparison.

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The process



Start with a consultation

If it's your first time experiencing made-to-measure, we understand you may have questions. It is our pleasure to invite you to our showroom for an obligation free consultation, where you will have the chance to meet our experienced fitters and get to know Oscar Hunt. We welcome the opportunity to discuss suiting options with you and will be delighted to answer any questions you may have. It is a chance to preview our fabric range, discuss design options and get to know our pricing and timeline. We wish to ensure we are the right fit for you and that you have confidence and trust in what we do before you make a decision.



Garment design and body measurments

During your first fitting, our expert fitters will work with you to understand your needs and what distinguishes your style. It is a collaborative process that we give time to. During this fitting, you will be:

  • Guided through a range of over 3,500 fabrics from the UK and Italy.
  • Shown design options and given recommendations about the right style to suit your purposes.
  • Carefully measured via a combination of tape measurements and fitting garments to correctly ascertain proportion, posture and balance.

Construction of your garment takes approximately 4-5 weeks by which time you will return for your 2nd fitting.

+ 4-5 weeks


Try on your garments and refine

Once your garment is constructed, you will be invited to return to our showroom for your next fitting. During this second fitting, we consider all aspects of how the garment fits and sits on your body. Further adjustments may be required. If so, our in-house tailors can complete these within a week.

+ 6 weeks


Final fitting and garment collection

The final fitting is a simple and exciting part of the process. The finishing touches have been made to your garment, and it's now time to try it on. We ensure the garment fits perfectly and you have a chance to ask any style questions. Feel free to bring in the accessories you plan to wear with the garment. You may also be interested in our curated range of ties, shoes, cufflinks and pocket squares to complement your suit.