Oscar Hunt Womenswear Pale Blue Linen Suit
Oscar Hunt Womenswear Red Tailored Suit
Oscar Hunt Womenswear White Linen Suit
Oscar Hunt Womenswear Navy Pin Strip Suit
Oscar Hunt Womenswear Lemon Coloured Suit
Oscar Hunt Womenswear Sage Suit


Spearheaded by the wonderful women of Oscar Hunt, our approach is revolutionising the way women shop by creating carefully considered and sophisticated made-to-order suiting that embraces the diverse and modern woman. We offer a unique and personal approach to retail as never experienced before.

Our womenswear pieces stay true to timeless and considered designs, while the option to change several design features celebrates individual style, proving how classic pieces can be dynamic and agile.

Appreciating that quality, comfort and style are essential factors when it comes to womenswear, we have taken the time to carefully curate a range of high-quality fabric options. Ranging from 100% wool, cotton and linen to stretch blends and elegant formal cloths, we offer a high quality and thoughtful range without compromising on choice.

Oscar Hunt Womenswear Coloured Suit
Oscar Hunt Womenswear Black And White Suit
Oscar Hunt Womenswear Suiting
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