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Amity Guild is passionate about connecting community, culture and impact. They strive to promote reconciliation through greater cultural understanding, truth-telling and celebrating success. Amity Guild enables this through connecting with like-minded people committed to creating positive change through building a deeper understanding and connection to First Australians, culture and history. 

As our nation’s story continues to unfold, all Australians have a responsibility to play a part in shaping the narrative. Amity Guild is committed to building upon the stories shared by our ancestors, while providing a platform to spark conversations and empower everyone to bring a small piece of our rich culture into their homes and workplaces.

Amity Guild has proudly partnered with Oscar Hunt in order to further enrich the work that they lead. Amity Guild curates collections of art from across Australia. They work closely with the artists to understand the narratives and stories behind their pieces, the nuances and lessons embedded through the works created. Together, we then translate these pieces into the linings of our men’s and women’s ranges, as well as accessories like pocket squares, involving the artists at every step of the process to ensure their works are correctly represented.

As a social enterprise, Amity Guild reinvests all the revenue generated from the premium of the linings back into Community. The revenue is split between royalties being paid the artist, community projects furthering the continuation and sharing of Indigenous culture with Impact Partner Common Ground and the remaining, reinvested back into the growing the artists involved with Amity Guild.