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How to pair the groom with the groomsmen

Matching wedding suits make your groomsmen look sharp and stylish in your wedding photos. You’ll want the groom to stand out in your photos, so how do you pair the groom and groomsmen’s suits without being identical? Here is some inspiration from real Oscar Hunt weddings on how to co-ordinate wedding suits without being too matchy.

The first task is to choose a theme for the suits. A classic suit cut in a shade of navy or grey works well for most men. Once you have the colour scheme chosen, you can add a few variations for the groom to make him stand out.

Matching wedding suits with a variation for the groom 

Starting with the groomsmen in the same suit, you can mix up the groom’s jacket by choosing a co-ordinating shade in the same colour family. The groom can wear a different colour tie, or wear a bow tie. The groom will stand out if his suit has a vest while the groomsmen wear a 2-piece suit. If the groomsmen’s suits are 3 pieces, the groom could wear a different colour vest. 

Navy isn’t just navy

You can style the groom and groomsmen in the same colour theme with slight differences in shade or texture. Within a navy theme there are infinite options for shades of blue. Consider a lighter shade for the groom, or add a subtle windowpane check.

Complementary colours work well If you like the look of wedding tuxedos or dinner suits, they don’t have to be identical. Try a midnight navy dinner suit for the groom, with the groomsmen in matching black or charcoal dinner suits. Other options for dinner suits include varying the fabric textures, with the groom in a velvet dinner jacket. 

Complement the bridesmaids’ colours, but you don’t have to match

Think about colour in your wedding photos. If the groomsmen are wearing navy suits and the girls are wearing navy dresses, your photos will be a big block of navy. Break up the colour block by dressing the groomsmen in charcoal or grey suits with complementary colour ties.

If you can’t find a tie that’s an exact match for the bridesmaids’ dresses, that’s a good thing. The ladies’ and the gents’ outfits can complement each other without matching exactly. If the ladies are wearing lavender, the gentlemen could wear a tie or pocket square incorporating elements of lavender, purple or even pinks. The men’s accessories can be a striking pop of colour, or as subtle as using the boutonnieres as your colour-matching element.

All these photos are from Oscar Hunt’s real weddings. To style your dream wedding suits, make a booking for your wedding party. We encourage the bride and groom to visit our Melbourne or Sydney showrooms together for an initial styling discussion. Once the style and colours have been chosen, the groomsmen attend to be fitted for their suits. Book a consultation in Melbourne on 03 9998 3793 or Sydney on 02 8999 5081.



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