How to suit up for your body type if you workout

18 December 2018

Your toned and shaped body is hard won, and should be rewarded with an exquisitely tailored suit to display your physical achievements.

Managing callused hands and dry, flaky skin from regular weight work can be difficult and often causes anxiety when shaking hands - no one deserves to feel anxious wearing an Oscar Hunt tailored suit. That’s why we’ve partnered with DU’IT, an Australian-owned company formulating affordable and high-quality skincare.

Just DU’IT

Like our tailored suits, DU’IT products are designed for no-fuss performance. Free from parabens, petrolatum, lanolin, allergens and irritants, they contain a high percentage of active ingredients. Pynith and Zina, the husband-and-wife team who founded DU’IT in 1998, place such a premium on quality that they demand all of their locally-made products provide visible results within five days.

With this philosophy in mind, DU’IT’s Tough Hands Intensive Skin Repair has been designed specifically to repair and moisturise hands that work hard - sealing cracks, replacing lost oils, conditioning the skin and forming a protective barrier. Like the experience of being measured up for an Oscar Hunt suit, a daily application of DU’IT Tough Hands is all about honing in on the details – those fine, finishing touches that testify to a man who takes care of himself in every aspect.

DU’IT puts it this way:

“If you’re in the gym all the time, then you would know that as much as calluses make your hands more accustomed to all that iron, peeling all that dry and dead skin off probably isn’t ideal. Using products such as Tough Hands by DU’IT will help repair and moisturise hands to keep them in top condition.”

Dressing for a gym-toned shape

As well as a few calluses, men who spend long hours in the gym acquire an athletic body shape. This is different for every man, and it can become quite difficult to find clothes off the rack that fit well for your unique shape.

At Oscar Hunt, we recommend working with a skilled tailor who can construct a suit, shirt, or sports jacket that will accentuate your best elements, creating the most flattering shoulder-to-waist-to-legs ratio for your shape.

For a man with an inverted triangle profile, this means softening the broad upper torso and directing attention downwards. We achieve this with less structure through the shoulders of the jacket, narrower notch lapels and a skilled measuring process that creates a streamline, yet natural-looking fit. Trousers should avoid a skinny fit and can be constructed with a longer seat drop if more room is needed around the waist.

We recommend a man with a trapezoidal body shape to follow similar principles to avoid over-emphasising shoulder width. But with a generally athletic shape that has fewer extremes, he has more latitude to embrace slimmer, more tailored finish from head to toe.

It is this head-to-toe ethic that motivates both Oscar Hunt and DU’IT, so that even men who work hard during the day can put their best foot – or hand – forward after five.


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