Made-to-measure: the ultimate way to flatter your form

While we’re never ones to honk our own horn, there are some fundamental benefits to made-to-measure attire that warrant further explanation. And chief amongst them is the ability to customise garments to flatter your form.

This is particularly noteworthy in the Australian women's suit category, where off-the-rack options tend to cater for a single body shape with minimal scope for alteration.

At Oscar Hunt, we advocate for quite the opposite - tailoring that’s built for your body, not the other way around. Here, we explain how it can be best applied for you.

Jackets for any shape

For many women, shopping for a jacket can be particularly tedious. Outside of standard sizing which broadly accommodates for height and shape, consideration also needs to be paid to back width, bust and dart placement. With these additional measurements in mind, there’s a lot of boxes for a standard block to tick.

In contrast, made-to-measure takes all of this into account as well as offering scope for personalised stylistic touches.

For those that skew shorter, this might be opting for a slightly more cropped style which performs the double role of elongating the leg and keeping the overall silhouette proportionate. We also pay particular attention to sleeve length to avoid them covering the wrist which can throw off the balance of a jacket.

Conversely, for those who are taller, a longer-line jacket will ensure that you avoid the effect of a jacket looking too small or too cropped.

Trousers for any shape

All too often, women are forced to contend with trousers that are too tight or too loose at some point on the leg - whether it’s the glutes, thighs or calves. In the event that they’re too tight, it results in the fabric puckering at the seam and uneven wear; too loose and they may gape at the waist or appear baggy.

To combat this, our team takes dozens of measurements to ensure that trousers fit through the leg and retain the shape of your chosen style, whether it be slim, straight or a wide-leg.

And while all customers have a carte blanche in terms of their selection, for those that err to shorter or taller, there are some guidelines worth considering.

For the petite, a slimmer, more cropped style works to elongate the leg and ensures that your ensemble isn’t being ‘pulled down’ by your trousers. Conversely, for those who are taller, a wider leg can often create a more dynamic, eye catching shape while also balancing the jacket.

That said, rules are made to be broken

While these guidelines provide initial help, we’re the first to appreciate that all bodies are different. So, to ensure that your garment is optimised to you, why not stop by your local showroom to have a chat, get inspired and garner the team’s expert opinion. After all, an Oscar Hunt suit might be made by us but it’s created by you.