Personalised Perfection: Custom Suits and the Shift Towards Sustainable Fashion

While there are many benefits when it comes to custom suits - a better fit, customizability and a personalised experience to name but a few - one of the less commonly acknowledged perks is that it’s also a deeply sustainable form of fashion. 

Here, we explain why made-to-measure is the perfect poster child for a more ethical and environmentally friendly form of dressing (alongside some of the more unexpected benefits that come from it).

Zero waste  

The clue is in the name: made-to-measure. Because every Oscar Hunt garment is based on an individual customer’s order - versus off-the-rack alternatives where a bulk run of items is manufactured with the hope that they will sell out - it means that there is virtually no waste when it comes to the pieces themselves.

This also has knock-on effects that ultimately reduce our footprint. For example, we don’t require large amounts of storage nor do we need huge amounts of shipping. This ultimately minimises our energy consumption and ensures that we’re not just crafting sustainable tailored suits; we’re crafting a sustainable end-to-end process.  

Supply chain visibility 

Speaking of our process, at Oscar Hunt we pride ourselves on sourcing sustainable fabrics from some of the world’s greatest mills. These brands uphold only the highest standards when it comes to manufacturing and treat their work for what it is; a true craft. 

This extends to the way that they treat their craftspeople, ensuring that we are engaging in ethical sourcing not only from a product perspective but also in terms of labour.

Built for the long haul 

Sustainability doesn’t only benefit the environment; it also benefits the end wearer. One of the most common reasons for wear and tear in clothing - outside of subpar quality fabric - is poor fit. This means that the garment wears unevenly, with undue strain put on certain areas which often compromises the overall structure of the item. 

In contrast, in made-to-measure, we ensure that the item is constructed to fit the wearer perfectly which means that it wears evenly and therefore lasts longer. A custom suit’s longevity is also enhanced by high quality craftsmanship and well-selected fabrics that are chosen to stand the test of time. 

The other reason that custom suits tend to last longer is that they are often inspired by more enduring and classic styles that remain chic for years versus only a season. This also makes them easier to mix and match than more trend based garments.

While suiting is a signature at Oscar Hunt, we have an ever expanding universe of style that ensures you can be sustainably dressed regardless of the occasion. To learn more, swing by your local showroom or give us a bell today.