Tailored elegance: suit styling guide for different women’s body types

Here at Oscar Hunt, we strive to celebrate your unique form through women’s tailored suits that are built to your taste, size and lifestyle. We do this through an unrelenting commitment to excellence in every part of the process, from initial consultation, to fitting, to the recommended after care that can help keep your suit in tip top shape.

Whether you’re looking for another work suit to add to the rotation or exploring women’s wedding suits for an upcoming big day, here we’ve provided a brief overview of the key factors to consider as you come on the journey with us.

Suit selection tips by body type

We want to start by acknowledging that not everyone will know exactly what body type they have. That’s something that our team of experts are more than happy to guide you through during an initial consultation.

That said, for those that do, this can help critically inform the style of suit that you opt for. For example, if you’re average height to tall and have a pear shaped torso, we’d recommend choosing our long-line jacket style which grazes over the hips and creates a smooth side silhouette that finishes mid thigh. This can then be paired with either a slim line or a wider leg trouser depending on preference.

In contrast, for those who are shorter, we might recommend a more cropped jacket style as this works to visually elongate the legs, creating the illusion of height.

The power of a well-tailored suit

As the above alludes to, smart tailoring can have an incredibly profound effect on the way you’re perceived. For us at Oscar Hunt though, the real value of made-to-measure comes from the way in which it makes you feel.

Besides a well-tailored suit naturally making you feel more confident by virtue of complimenting your form and being fitted to your unique shape, a lot of the power also comes from simply feeling comfortable.

Even the best fitting ready to wear options will often not fit perfectly everywhere. They might be slightly too tight across the back or grab across the legs. With made-to-measure, this isn’t an issue and in feeling at ease in your garment, it allows you to stand taller and feel prouder in your appearance.

Elevating your suit with accessories

When it comes to accessorising an Oscar Hunt suit, we’re advocates for the ‘less is more’ school of thought. After all, the beauty of good tailoring should be able to shine for all to see. What’s more, the versatility of our garments really opens you up to an array of options. For us, it’s often a matter of pairing a suit back with either a pair of loafers, sneakers or - during the warmer months - sandals.

It’s simple, elegant and unequivocally timeless.