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Baudoin & Lange Stride Loafers Earth Suede Caramel Sole

Baudoin & Lange Stride Loafers Earth Suede Caramel Sole

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The Stride Loafer from Baudoin & Lange are a stylish and versatile option for any wardrobe. The premium suede material creates a soft and luxurious texture, while the sole adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. The design is a modern take on the classic loafer, featuring a streamlined silhouette and a unique curved vamp. They're perfect for both formal and casual looks, providing both comfort and style.

Calf suede upper. Aniline calf lining. Leather, cork and perforated Nora insoles. Rubber sole. After any use, always allow the shoes to dry at room temperature away from any direct heat source. If wet, roll up some paper and insert it inside. If you have dirt or mud on your suede shoes, make sure they are completely dry before gently brushing with a rubber brush, being careful to brush only in one direction from the back of the shoe towards the tip.
Available in sizes EU40 - EU44 Fits true to size.

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Available in store. Online store coming soon.

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