Introducing Johnstons of Elgin

07 July 2018

"It is the complex manufacturing processes that genuinely sets Johnstons of Elgin’s scarves apart from other accessories."

As the months grow colder, one of menswear's most practical accessories is a decent scarf - with various colours, patterns, textures and styles, each suited to a different outfit or occasion. The most important consideration, however, is its quality. And it should be; while taking into account that scarves are often worn next to the skin.

Johnstons of Elgin’s scarves hold a significant place in our hearts, especially so as the brand is the last remaining vertically integrated textile mill in Scotland - once, a heartland for fine woollen products. Established for more than 200 years ago, since 1797, it remains as one of the few mills in the world still utilising traditional craftsmanship within each step of the manufacturing process to transform raw fibre into a beautifully crafted garment – a sentiment that resonates deeply with our brand beliefs.

Fun fact: the brand was also the first mill to import cashmere into the UK, and still has the ledger to prove that James Johnston, second-generation head of the business, had placed the order in 1851 with a London wool merchant.   

While the quality of raw material is undoubtedly important, it is more so the complex manufacturing processes that genuinely sets Johnstons of Elgin’s scarves apart from other accessories – in much the same manner as the genuine work involved to individually craft each one of our made-to-measure tailored suits. In both situations, the end result are garments well worth the investment.

In an unashamedly labour-intensive process from Johnstons’ two mills, at Elgin and Hawick, it is these artisanal skills and dedication to quality that has earned Johnstons of Elgin the Royal Warrant of Appointment as manufacturers of Royal Tweed to H.R.H. The Prince of Wales.

This winter, we’ve introduced a collection of scarves from Johnstons of Elgin – made from extra fine merino wool or soft, luxurious cashmere that are highly regarded for the quality of their natural fibre as well as impeccable finish. How does one then choose between Johnstons’ cashmere or merino wool scarves? While the former is lighter-weight, luxuriously softer and tend to often be more expensive, the latter more economical, durable and no less comfortable.

View the collection of scarves from Johnstons of Elgin, now available at our Melbourne and Sydney showroom.

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