Made-to-measure tailoring basics

All the information you need to know about tailoring and the made to measure experience.

Garment design

Learn about all of the different design options available with a made-to-measure experience and how these can work for you.

Cloths and fabrics

Everything you need to know about different cloths and fabrics, how they wear and which seasons to wear them.

Colours and patterns

Find out which colours and patterns are appropriate for each situation. Learn more about their history and how to select what is right for you.

How to dress

A guide to menswear dress codes, when to follow them, and when you can bend the rules. Learn about the intricacies of sartorial menswear and how it relates to you.

Wardrobe care 101

The 101 on caring for your wardrobe. Make sure your clothing is maintained and learn about what care products you need and how to use them.