How to choose suit lining

12 October 2017

"A great suit goes beyond its cloth and a true testament of its craftsmanship is its lining fabric."

When it comes to the mastery of tailor-made suits, not only the outside counts. A great suit goes beyond its cloth and a true testament of its craftsmanship is its lining fabric.

A good suit lining is designed to protect the garment. It helps to retain its shape by reinforcing the construction. It also prevents direct contact with the skin, meaning the suit cloth can’t be ruined by oil and perspiration. A suit's lining also provides insulation to keep you warm, particularly in the colder months when the wind whips down the street and permeates the suit cloth. It's the perfect defence against the elements.

Polyester linings are often ultra soft and lightweight making them an attractive and practical choice for your suit. For mild weather climates polyester will keep you warmer in winter, whilst still keeping you cool on hotter days. Silk suit lining fabrics are made from natural fibres, finishing your suit to a suitable standard. Silk linings make an excellent choice for year-round warmer climates, as they're very lightweight and exceptionally breathable. Cotton linings are also a common choice for tailors and often reserved for casual jackets. A cotton lining will usually match with a summer jacket, often in contrast hues and patterns for a more playful aesthetic. In particular, these styles might have a half or a quarter lining across the shoulders to allow for comfort during warmer weather.  

Lining doesn’t stop at suit jackets; in fact, you’ll find it in trousers as commonly. Trousers are usually lined to above the knee, which allows for freer movement and reduces friction, which can irritate the skin and pull on leg hair. A saddle in the crotch allows for greater movement and flexibility in the garment. This small detail prevents the trousers from wearing out where they receive the most articulation, meaning your suit lasts longer.

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